Matchworn shirts from Mats and Jonas Hummels

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Every shirt is a piece of History!
This is my Matchworn Shirt Collection from
Mats and his brother Jonas Hummels!
All this shirts are original special player shirts
and not normally fanshop shirts. I´m a great
supporter from the Hummels-Brothers and
always interested in player shirts from these
guys that I don´t have in my collection.
If anybody have a shirt for sale or swap feel
free to contact me.
All my Hummels player shirts are
not for sale!

Thanks for visit my homepage. Have fun!

Best Regards !

Update!!! New shirt H96 vs BVB

On the run for Hummels shirts......
Hummels shirt counter - 63 different
Hummels player shirts!!!
to be continued......

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